Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hullabaloo, Caneck! Caneck!

You may be wondering about the title of our latest post. If you are one of those people that retains meaningless bits of sports trivia (pretty much every male I have ever known), or you happen to live in Texas, you would know that "Hullabaloo, Caneck! Caneck!" happens to be the opening line of Texas A&M's War Hymn.

So what we're really trying to say is: "WE'RE MOVING TO TEXAS!" College Station, Texas that is, and Mike will be starting his Ph.D. at Texas A&M this Fall. I never thought I'd live in Texas. I never thought I'd live in Indiana either. Funny what life brings.

We visited College Station at the end of April hoping to find a house. We found ugly, overpriced houses in good areas of town and really cute, new houses in the bad areas. Luckily, there are new homes coming on the market every few days or so. We made an offer on this house:

Somebody else made an offer earlier on the same day, and we didn't get the house.

This house came on the market this past Monday:

We made an offer that day, without seeing it in person mind you. Two other people made an offer on Monday. We just found out we didn't get the house. The person who did, paid 100K in cash for it. Apparently, the economy's housing woes are not so woeful in Texas. Texas really is like it's own country.

Despite these setbacks, I'm not worried about finding a house. I know that everything will work out. We'll keep you updated on our long distance house hunting.