Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Greatest Egg Ever Laid

Mike, Kristin, and Bowling Ball Head (so named by his cousin) went to the farmer's market this Saturday to find some eggs and honey. While picking through the red wagon of eggs to find our favorites, we found the biggest chicken egg we have ever seen. The farmer noticed our stunned faces and simply stated, "Yup. We call those "Ouch" eggs." Well, we had to buy it. We tried to put it in the egg carton with the other eggs, but the carton wouldn't close. Here are some pictures.

And look what we found inside! Two yolks! No wonder it was so big! The egg was delicious. Mike ate it with some toast and Hoosier Wildflower Honey.

The End

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mississippi Here We Come!!

As mentioned, we will be spending some time down South this summer. After many phone calls and hours of looking for extended stay hotels online, I found the perfect place--Corinth, Mississippi. Mike will actually be working in Selmer, Tennessee, which is only 25 minutes North. Now, you may be asking yourself, "Where in the world is Selmer, Tennessee?" I asked myself the same thing. After conducting research on a few credible sites (i.e. YouTube), I came across several enticing videos. Among them: "The KKK in Selmer" and "Drag Racing Accident Kills 7." Sounds like a classy place, right? Thus, the reason we are staying in Mississippi. Check out our home for six weeks:

The Generals' Quarters it is. Think of this post as an official invitation to come on down and visit. I hear there are a lot of interesting Civil War sights and plenty of Southern charm to enjoy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jonah: The Tummy and the Teeth

Wow! Where do I begin. It seems that the last time we posted was in November. After receiving two emails: one from my Aunt Sherrill and one from my Aunt Sheila, and numerous hints from other friends and family, I have decided it is high time to update you all. I guess I should start by recapping Christmas and go from there on out.


Christmas was wonderful. We spent two weeks in Utah with the Blacks and one week in California with the Lowes. We enjoyed every minute of family time. Here are some pictures of all the fun.

Jonah with Dad at a BYU basketball game. Oh, the concentration and focus it must take to be such a die-hard.

Jonah with Grandpa decked out in, you guessed it, BYU gear!

Jonah playing with Aunt Kelli and Grandma Jo.

Here's Mike and Brian being crazy. I think they ate 2 pounds of beef each.

After Christmas, we returned to Bloomington to brave the weather and Mike's second semester of his MBA. Mike's second semester was all about getting an internship. He interviewed with a lot of great companies and we have been so blessed to have TWO internships this summer. He will be working for GE in Selmer, Tennessee and EcoLab in St. Paul, Minnesota.

At the end of February, I took a little trip to Utah to visit my family and friends. Here are some of the highlights:
Is he really going to do it?

Yes! Jonah can really put his foot in his mouth while sitting in his high chair. Babies are so flexible, apparently no matter how chubby they are.
Here's Jonah getting his hair cut for the first time.

He was very brave and very wiggly.

Here's the final product. He looks so grown up with his fohawk.

Spring Break

After visiting my fam in Utah I headed to sunny, warm California where I met up with Mike and we spent a wonderful week with his family in Fullerton.
We went to the San Diego Zoo and enjoyed seeing all of the amazing animals.

I don't think Jonah looked at a single animal. Even when we stood right in front of the elephants, Jonah looked at everything else (the sidewalk, the bushes, the sky) but never at the elephants. We also ate yummy fish tacos, and had a delicious crab and potsticker dinner with Kathryn and Peter.

Mike's Mom and Dad flew down to see us. And, we were able to get a four generation shot of the Lowe men.
When we returned from California, we still had a full week of vacation left so we headed to Louisville, Kentucky. While there we attended the temple, went to the Louisville Slugger factory (pictured below) and enjoyed just being together.

Jonah also enjoyed our King bed at the hotel. We know who really rules in our house.
Here are some updated pictures of Jonah, being Jonah. Some of his favorite activities include: jumping in his johnny jumper, eating, taking a bath, crawling backwards, and growling. He has two teeth now, and one of the cutest little, big tummies around.

On May 5th we are off to Tennessee. We'll keep you updated on our summer...Promise!