Wednesday, July 18, 2007

For the Glory of Old IU!

Kristin and I are now Hoosiers. We are safe and sound in Bloomington, Indiana - a little south of Indianapolis. I made the long, long drive out here from Utah with my parents and got things set up for Kristin. The great belly flew out on July 11th and we have just been waiting on a baby ever since. We love Indiana already and will post some pictures. It is green, humid, spacious and beautiful. We went for a walk our first day here and saw two deer in the woods next to our house. We have watched concerts and movies in the park, explored our dining options, and gotten to know Bloomington. We visited the farmers market last saturday and made a lovely dinner with some of our finds - fried green tomatoes, corn on the cob, and homemade blackberry ice cream. Oh my. The ward is great, the school is great, our apartment is great, and everything is ready to go...EXCEPT WE CAN'T GET THE BABY OUT! Now, given that the due date is still a week away (July 26), but we just really want that baby now! We are ready to go and I start school on the 6th, so we'd like him to JUST COME OUT AND PLAY! Hmmm, maybe we'll go for another walk.