Monday, February 8, 2010

We're Having a Baby

We are expecting baby numero dos on July 1st. In December, my Uncle Kent did an ultrasound for us. I was only 14 weeks and so we weren't expecting anything too conclusive. But, Kent's guess was that I was having a boy.
Today, we had my 20 week ultrasound.
Here are some pictures of our sweet little alien baby.

And, at 20 weeks, our "baby boy" is a BABY GIRL!! Talk about a paradigm shift. We are super surprised and excited.

Oh, and don't hold your breath for prego pictures. NOT going to happen :)
Here are some recent pictures of our Jonah boy. Some of them from Christmas (I know. How lame am I?)

Jonah loves wearing his snow boots and sunglasses everywhere. He is such a sweet boy and is excited to be "a big bruder". We'll see...