Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Greatest Egg Ever Laid

Mike, Kristin, and Bowling Ball Head (so named by his cousin) went to the farmer's market this Saturday to find some eggs and honey. While picking through the red wagon of eggs to find our favorites, we found the biggest chicken egg we have ever seen. The farmer noticed our stunned faces and simply stated, "Yup. We call those "Ouch" eggs." Well, we had to buy it. We tried to put it in the egg carton with the other eggs, but the carton wouldn't close. Here are some pictures.

And look what we found inside! Two yolks! No wonder it was so big! The egg was delicious. Mike ate it with some toast and Hoosier Wildflower Honey.

The End


Camie said...

Is that how chickens have twins???

Laura said...

Ouch indeed! Yikes!!! That thing is huge!

Laura said...

oh, and I absolutely LOVE farmers' markets! I wish I lived close to a good one!

pcd said...

okay, that's not even right. i've never seen anything quite like that before! i'm so happy you're back and blogging. i've missed seeing your cute family updates!

Amanda said...

can chickens have twins?