Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mississippi Here We Come!!

As mentioned, we will be spending some time down South this summer. After many phone calls and hours of looking for extended stay hotels online, I found the perfect place--Corinth, Mississippi. Mike will actually be working in Selmer, Tennessee, which is only 25 minutes North. Now, you may be asking yourself, "Where in the world is Selmer, Tennessee?" I asked myself the same thing. After conducting research on a few credible sites (i.e. YouTube), I came across several enticing videos. Among them: "The KKK in Selmer" and "Drag Racing Accident Kills 7." Sounds like a classy place, right? Thus, the reason we are staying in Mississippi. Check out our home for six weeks:

The Generals' Quarters it is. Think of this post as an official invitation to come on down and visit. I hear there are a lot of interesting Civil War sights and plenty of Southern charm to enjoy.

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