Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break

I always look forward to Spring Break. I love spending every waking moment with Mike. That must mean I really like him, huh? The Lowe family Spring Break could never be complete without a little family time. Dirk and Marissa planned the blessing of their sweet baby, Jane Elizabeth Black, the first weekend in March so we drove down to Birmingham, Alabama to share in the festivities.

Jane is the sweetest baby. She seriously slept 98% of the time I saw her. I guess that's what newborns do best. Although, from my foggy memories of Jonah as a newborn I seem to recall believing he never slept and I would never sleep an entire night through again.

Jonah had a great time seeing Grandma and Grandpa and playing with Dirk. He was very sweet to baby Jane the majority of the time. I think he might have taken a swing at her once or twice, but for the most part he was a good cousin.

Grandpa and Grandma took us to the Birmingham Zoo. It was the perfect little zoo for Jonah. I think he walked everywhere we went.

He absolutely loved seeing the animals, but I think the highlight of the trip for him was riding the little train. Jonah loves his wooden trains at home and I think he just couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a big train he could ride on. He was very serious during the train ride; I think he was just trying to soak in all of the glory of the train. Towards the end he pointed to the front engine (my mind is blanking at the moment as to what the correct train terminology is) and said, very seriously, "Choo Choo."
After we got off he wanted to inspect the train.

Here are some more zoo pictures:

We took him to the petting zoo, but he was more interested in the rakes than the sheep and the goats.

After we left Alabama, we came right back to Bloomington so Mike could interview for IU's Ph.D. program and he got in! We are in the midst of making a final decision, so stay tuned.
Instead of taking off for another far-away destination, we took day trips to see some of the sights in Indiana we had been meaning to explore.
We went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum:

We also went to an organic dairy farm near Indianapolis:

We had fun eating ice cream, being chased by chickens, and learning a little bit more about the organic food process.
I also just have to post some pictures of my sweet baby boy. He is seriously so much fun. He makes me laugh everyday.

Here he is "helping mom with the dishes." Notice how he's picked out all of the knives and shoved them through the rack all in a nice, neat row?

And, here he is watching Bob the Builder with his very own little plumbers crack.
Until next time!


The Gillespie's said...

Ahh! Love ALL the pictures. BTW--you look great, as if you wouldn't:) Jonah is getting so big! Any thoughts of #2? Just had to spread the question to someone else because I get it so often! We're thinking not for a little while more. Love and miss ya:)

Jedda said...

You are such a sweet Mommy! I'm so glad you had a good break!

Chrispy Critter said...

Crack kills!

Celeste said...

LOL! The plumber's crack is too funny!