Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Summer Vacation...Finally

We flew to Utah for a long awaited and much needed summer vacation. Mike finished up a very busy summer semester, which included a tough class, a first year paper, and a new baby. We decided to bless Carrie in Utah so we could have our family and friends be there. It was wonderful! Thank you to everyone who came. Here's a little run-down of our vacation:

Jonah and Carrie getting summer vacation ready

Mike and Jonah standing in line for a ride at Lagoon

Jonah loving Lagoon

Jonah at Heritage Park in Salt Lake City

Riding a train around Heritage Park. Jonah apparently thought the tour guide was speaking too loudly over the microphone, because he covered his ears the entire time.

Jonah enjoying the school house at Heritage Park

Mining for gold at Heritage Park

Carrie slept, and slept some more during most of our outings.

Mike thought it would be lots of fun to submerge his entire body in the ice cold snow run-off at the base of Bridal Veil Falls. Jonah was all too ready to join in the fun, especially if it included running around in his underoos.

Fishing with Grandpa is always fun even if the only thing you catch is...

...green muck from the river.

We blessed Carrie and over 50 of our family and friends came to support us. What an incredible thing that this little baby already has so many people who love and care about her.

My mom (aka "Grandma Jo") is starting a tradition where she takes each of the grandkids to Build a Bear when they are three. Jonah came back from his special outing with Grandma with FRANKIE the FIREMAN. He thought of the name and everything.

We went up to BYU to stock up on some BYU gear for the upcoming Football season. Jonah had talked about wanting to feed some ducks, so we brought along some old hot dog buns and Jonah went to town throwing bread to (or was it really "at") the ducks.
We're home now and adjusted back to real life. Here are some recent pictures of my cute kids:


The Gillespie's said...

She looks so cute in that outfit! She is bigger than Livy already:) Good job Kristin. Thanks for the e-mail too. You have also always been a wonderful friend. Thanks for posting the pictures!

Kelli Jo said...

OH my goodness Kristin I miss you and your little family so much! All the pictures look so cute and Carrie is getting to be so chubby now, I love it. Also the picture of Jonah and Carrie on the couch is way too similar of you sitting on the couch with me when I was a baby. Creepily the same.... Love you!

Jeanette said...

Oh! I want to book a flight to Texas right NOW! I can't wait to see you guys again and to meet baby Carrie! She is so lovely.

Lindsay said...

i miss your family! so sad that we missed seeing you this summer. love and love.

Chrispy Critter said...

Dang it, we missed you in SLC!!! Did Mike get chased by the ducks this time?

Allison said...

Your family is so cute! I'm glad you guys had a great trip!

Lisa said...

She is just a doll. We miss you guys sooooooo much!! Keep the cute pictures coming!!