Sunday, September 16, 2007

Grandma Comes to Town

After a mix up with Jonah's baby blessing date (due to a "surprise" Stake Conference this weekend), Grandma Anita came to visit this weekend to meet her newest grandbaby after she decided she couldn't wait until his rescheduled baby blessing in November. We ate yummy food, shopped, and just enjoyed spending time together. She thinks Jonah is a "10" on the Cute Scale, so he will fit right in with the other Lowe grandkids. We look forward to having all of the grandparents and Dirk and Marissa out for the baby blessing in November.
Life seems to be getting busier as Mike and I get more into the routine of school, parenthood, and church callings. Mike is studying hard in school and was excited to learn that he will have an opportunity to work with the renowned IU music school as he works in the Entrepeneurship Academy.
Jonah really seems to love hanging out with his dad whether its bath time or taking a nap. Jonah saves most of his smiles for Mike, which makes me a little jealous, but that's okay.

I have had a lot of fun opportunities to get to know the girls in the area. I attended an all day conference for women in Indianapolis where I was able to hear various LDS speakers, go out to lunch, and do a little shopping (which is a lot more fun now that I don't have to worry about a big pregnant belly). It was fun to spend a whole day out of the house with friends. I have picked up various projects including scrapbooking (which I swore I would never do) and decorating Jonah's room. If anyone has any ideas for a nautical theme let me know.

Jonah is starting to smile more and he slept 7 hours last night! which is absolutely amazing. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and went to check on him thinking he was dead. He was sleeping soundly. I sure hope this trend keeps up.

Here are more pictures of Jonah just because he's so cute.


Lo said...

These picts are adorable! I live for photos of baby jonah! Keep them coming!!! :) Miss you guys a lot. I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well! -Laura

Jason and Kiersten said...


It's me! I found your blogspot on google. I just started us one...wer are a little out of the loop. Your little boy is so cute!
I hope you had a good Christmas.