Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Elusive Jonah Smile

So I can finally understand the thrill that being a member of the paparazzi would be. We did our own photo hunting these past weeks and have managed to catch the Jonah David Lowe smile. It's pretty cute. We've included a bunch of pictures, because we've gotta give the people what they want.
Kristin and I went on a train ride with the cub scouts on Saturday. It was an hour away in French Lick, Indiana. You may know French lick as the boyhood home of Larry Bird, or perhaps as the birthplace of Tomato Juice. It is both. It is also home to the French Lick railroad and we enjoyed the ride. We got to see a bunch of southern Indiana scenery, ride through the woods, and see Larry Bird's house out the window.
About half an hour into the ride, the train stopped in a field to deliver its strong box to the stage coach for safe transportation. The stage coach came running up along side of the train with all six horses in a gallop. While the shotgun rider was bringing the box back to the coach, three horseback robbers came flying out of the woods, shot the cowboy with the box, made the stagecoach driver reach for the sky, blasted open the lock and started to unload the contents. Just when we thought they were coming for us next, the sheriff came riding along and shot the bandits, saving the day. It was great. We included a picture of a robber trying to steal Jonah. We wouldn't give him up, even though Jones was excited about the prospect of being raised by train robbers at an Indiana woods hideout.
On our way back we stopped in Paoli for some apple dumplings. The leaves are changing color, and the ride back over the rolling Indiana hills was just beautiful.
Today we ate peach cobbler.

Enjoy the pictures of Mom, dad and Jones!

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Lo said...

Hey - one more thing. Did you guys dress up Jonah for Halloween?