Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!

It has been a while since our last entry, so forgive us for keeping you out of the loop. We have some catching up to do.

For Mike's birthday, we went to an IU football game. They played Penn State, so Mike was excited to see Joe Paterno. We ended up losing, but the game came to a close and exciting finish.

Jonah was a chicken for Halloweeen. We thought it was the perfect costume for him, because of his "chicken fuzz" hair. He went to a Halloween party, but ended up sleeping through the whole thing. Maybe next year will be more exciting for him.

Jonah was blessed on the first Sunday of November, and like a bad Mom, I did not take any pictures of him so there are none to post here. The grandparents took pictures of him in his sweet blessing outfit, so they will have to email them to me. Both sets of grandparents came out, and it was wonderful to have them all here. We went out to eat, visited Nashville, and played with Jonah. The weekend went way too fast, and it was hard to see them go.

We had family pictures taken for our Christmas card. The girl who took them did a great job. Jonah did okay, but I'm pretty sure photo shoots aren't too high on his "Favorite Things" list. Here is a sneak peek...

For Thanksgiving, we flew out to California to surprise Mike's family. After some elaborate lying we tricked Mike's dad into picking us up from the airport, and then surprised his Mom and sisters by leaving Jonah on the doorstep. We had a great time. We ate way too much pie and we couldn't get enough turkey and stuffing. Grandma Nita went all out as usual and everything was delicious. We went to the Jelly Belly factory, which sounds cooler than it actually was. We did get free samples though...always a plus:)

Jonah loved meeting his cousins, and they loved meeting him. As Sam Drummond said, "That was AWESOME!!" And it was:)

On Saturday, we went and bought our first Christmas tree. We picked out a winner and named him Ferguson the Frasier Fir. It smells lovely and we decorated with lots of fun ornaments. Jonah got a little cold at the tree farm, but he was a good boy.

Saturday was also the big BYU football game against Utah. Mike and I were able to watch it and we all dressed up in our cougar gear. Jonah really enjoys watching football on TV and kept trying to peek at the game. We finally had to face him away from the TV and distract him with Christmas books.

Life is good and we hope all of our family and friends are doing well. Until next time...


pcd said...

Oh my goodness, he is just a doll! I am so glad you emailed your blog address, I've been trying to guess it and had not had any luck with that. It looks like you guys are having a great time, keep the pictures coming!

Dirk said...

Sweet pics! We'll see you soon!

Merlin and Melanie- said...

Kristin- it was so fun to see you at BYU over the holidays... your little guy is so adorable! (and you look great as well;) I hope things are well with your cute little family and that you are enjoying life in Indiana. I hope to see you again sometime!

Jason and Kiersten said...

Happy Birthday on the 20th! I hope you had a great birthday. I need your email address so I can email you. Take care!


Bart and Kellie Yeates said...

Kristin! Jonah is so cute! I had never seen any pictures until I came across your blog! Keep us updated, it's so fun to keep in touch with all the family!

Jason and Kiersten said...

I tagged you. Check out my blog for more details.

Laura said...

Where are you guys!?! I'm having Jonah withdrawals!!! Pleeeeease post some picts! :) Michael and I finally started a blog of our own... check it out if you want.