Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brrr!! The Latest in Gloomington

This past week has been a busy one for our family. Mike is busy with school and preparing for more school (Bless my sweet husband). I have been busy with cub scouts, play groups, Thanksgiving potlucks, Christmas gift scheming, and hot cocoa. Mike and I have decided that in order to spice up our winter season we are going to drink 100 hot cocoas. That's 50 cocoas each. We've dubbed this: "The Winter of 100 Cocoas." If anyone else wants to join us, please do! Cheers! I've had 5 hot cocoas so far; only 45 to go. I have a feeling it won't be too hard to achieve my goal of 50 hot cocoas seeing as it is pretty darn cold here in Bloomington.

Here's a picture of Jonah bundled up to go and get the mail. Don't you love his little scarf. Thanks Auntie Kathryn!

Jonah has found a new trick. He loves to hide in the cereal cabinet while I cook dinner. Since discovering that he can fit inside, he has dumped out my dried oatmeal, a box of cheerios, and his baby oatmeal. He really is fascinated by making messes. As long as he's not whining while I'm cooking, I'm fine with a mess.

Apparently, Jonah likes his privacy.

Grandma Jo and Grandpa sent Jonah an early Christmas gift to save us the hassle of trying to bring it on a plane. Jonah loves his new barn. Thank goodness for Grandparents!

Jonah was so excited to play with his new toy.


Chrispy Critter said...

Gloomington, what a great term! Count us in on the cocoas. I think Cooper will do all 100 by himself. Thanks for lunch, good times!

Jedda said...

I wish I had a cupboard like that for my kids to hide in while I cook dinner! I would love to join the cocoa challenge. It is my first winter of cocoas in 2 years-thanks to milk-sensitive babies. I'm thrilled at the idea!

Camie said...

If you are doing 100 cocoas this winter, you should get a 'cocoa latte' machine--it was our favorite Christmas purchase last year! It mixes and heats up your cocoa to just the right temp. We bought ours at BB&B, but they were a lot of places. Cheers!

camery said...

What a fun post! I think you may have one of the cutest boys I've ever seen. Too bad they're related or I might ask what you're thoughts are on arranged marriage! ;)
You look FANTASTIC and I love your family pictures! Happy Thanksgiving you guys!
Love you!

Chrispy Critter said...

I tagged you! See my blog. Thanks again for inviting me to hang out!

Annie Green said...

These pictures are SO cute! I can't wait to get to know Jonah better at Christmas...I hope he likes me!

Laura said...

He's such a cutie! I love the pictures that Jenner did for you - she's talented and your family is cute, so combined, they look fabulous!

Jeanette said...

Golly...we love you guys! We are so in for 100 cocoas! I will most certainly lift my mug to that! We can't wait to see you in December.