Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Fall to One and All

I don't know if it is still Fall where all of you are, but the crisp weather and beautiful colors of Fall are still going strong here in Indiana. I've got to brag about our good weather while I can, because I know we've got some cold months ahead of us. It seems like October flew by. Here are some recent pictures of our family.

Mike was able to baptize one of our Cub Scouts, Derik Gonzalez on October 25th. One of our other Cub Scouts was also baptized that day and we were asked to speak on Baptism for their program. It was wonderful to be a part of their baptism.

We went on a hay ride as part of a MBA Kelley Kids activity. Jonah loved watching the cows follow the trailer. I think that's the closest he's ever been to a cow and he was absolutely enthralled by them. He even wore a John Deere tractor t-shirt to fit in. Grandpa Winder would be proud.

Jonah was a lion for Halloween. Thanks to Camille for letting us borrow the costume. We practiced our roaring and he got pretty good at it.

Me and a couple other girls planned a Trunk-or-Treat so our little guys wouldn't have to walk so far on Halloween to get candy. We had a potluck before hand at Bryan Park. People brought soups, bread, and dessert.
Jonah caught on pretty quickly to the whole concept of Trick-or-Treating. "If I hold my bucket out, people will put candy in it." He sure was cute walking around in his costume; he looked like a big doll.

Here are some of Jonah's friends who came to the Trunk-or-Treat. They all looked so cute, it made me wish that our kids dressed up like this more than once a year.

Lastly, Mike and I let our political voices be heard and we voted!
Mike and I like to think we've educated ourselves on the issues surrounding the election and both voted this past week. Mike voted by mail, sending his votes all the way to California. I had to wait in line for an hour in downtown Bloomington. Not too bad, considering I prepared myself for a two hour wait. For those of you who know I am maybe the biggest eavesdropper around, let's just say I saw some really interesting people and listened in on some pretty crazy conversations. (Or, maybe they weren't really that unusual, and my excitement stemmed from the fact that I just don't get out much) Either way, I came to a few conclusions on my own early voting day:
1. Boys should never ever wear lip gloss and/or turquoise-colored skinny jeans.
2. It's hard to make small talk with a local politician you know is a liar.
3. You can never prepare too much. After preparing myself as best I could for the presidential vote, I was surprised to see that I had no idea who half the other people running for local office were. So much for being politically prepared on election day.
4. The era of two party politics in America needs to end. The Presidential candidate who I thought would best represent my convictions was NOT on the ballot in Indiana. I had to write him in.
5. It feels pretty darn good to wear an "I Voted" sticker.


The Gillespie's said...

Kirk & I voted early as well. Isn't it funny how proud a sticker can make you! Now I know why it works for kids at the dentist. Too funny.

Jeanette said...

Kristin and Mike, I LOVED seeing the pictures in your last two posts. Jonah is impossibly cute. He looks so perfect in that lion suit. I just groan when I see him because he is sooooooooooo perfect! I love pumpkin patch pictures too. I'm sad that we didn't get any this year.

Chrispy Critter said...

I am with you on the boys shouldn't wear lip gloss!! Cooper did just paint his toenails red though :)

Laura said...

Jonah's is the cutest little lion ever! Mike left me THE most hilarious message on my phone! I'm not sure if you guys knew this, but we are expecting a baby girl in March. I was happy that my husband agreed "SHAMUS" was not an option for a girl's name!

Jenner said...

sounds like you learned some valuable lessons on election day! whenever you want to do the fam pic let me know.

McKenzie said...

Kristin-- I totally stalked you from Thompson's blog!! Your pictures are great! Jonah is one cute kiddo.